Pavel Filippov

Project public relations and investment specialist. He is seen speaking at global Dujunov engines conferences. Also conducts project demonstrations […]

Dujunov Dmitri Aleksandrovich

Inventor of an asynchronous motor wheel. Head of Technologically Applied Research and Production Companies - Head of ASiPP and also - Head of SovElMash LLC. Developer, […]

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Construction began on July 15, 2020:

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If you pay off any of your investment packages during the current stage 14, you will have a 30-day opportunity to add to your package […]

Welcome to SOLARGROUP's e-souvenir shop

The selection includes useful and high-quality products with the company's logo with delivery all over the world. They remind investors of the Dujunov Engines project and […]

SovElMash received a trademark certificate

The company and the reputation of its products are documented. The trademark registration procedure began in July 2019, after filing an application with the Russian Federal Intellectual Property Office […]

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SovElMash (technology company) and SolarGroup (investment company) collaboration - what is and how to invest in this project?

Dujunov Electric Scooter, 05.10.2019

This man who is well versed in motorcycle equipment - BUYED A DUJUNOV ROLLER WITH ELECTRIC MOTOR WITHOUT MAGNETS. He bought it from our partner / licensee, Denzel Motors. Makes test drives worth watching in the following video. In the last paragraph, the gasoline engine vs. Dujunov electric motor racing, then between a moped and a scooter. Which do you think was left behind? Watch the video:

Add laser equipment and Igor Korhov introduces us to the car "Lada Ellada"

The company bought additional laser equipment and Igor Korhov introduces us to the car "Lada Ellada", the content of which will be supplemented / replaced with Dujunov technologies. We have already bought a laser, it is large. In this case, then a smaller laser so that different jobs can be performed as well as possible / as needed. Video:

What does Dujunov's "Slavjanka" electric motor winding base offer?

😍👉What gives the winding base of Dujunov's “Slavjanka” electric motor to an electric disc cutter compared to the classic winding e. "BLDC" motor characteristics. This machine and the disc are allowed to rotate at 6000 rpm - based on the classic wrapping, we give the machine different revolutions, with which we spend the cutting disc and also the cutter itself. We consume excess current / energy, and in the event of a lack of performance / different speeds, the device itself consumes faster until it needs to be repaired or replaced at all. When wrapping Dujunov, we got results on the stand, where from 3000 revolutions the cutter has plenty of power to cut and the whole process of the machine was (with full recovery, ie energy recovery and performance in each […]

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Check out the investment package prices, compare the different haircuts between the stages

Check out the investment packages in stocks. 📍You can view the packages at the link: * The link will take you to the Google Docs page, where you will be updated with a table of stock prices for all stages. Investment packages can be purchased directly or in installments! There are no expenses for the share account - join for free; pay only for the selected package! Over 20 bank transfers: Credit card; ordinary entries, etc. Everyone can invest - even those who have not invested in shares / units before, the project program allows everyone to come along and earn money! Start-Up (2017-2020) - you can still invest in this or 2020. 1. Company website: 2. Investment main page: […]

It is open to visitors - asking their own questions and receiving answers directly online

It is necessary to receive fast and accurate information about investments! So you got an open help forum where you can open posts, ask questions in discussions, and get answers from forum users or administrators. This opportunity can be used by anyone who is interested in the matter, regardless of whether you are already an investor, you will do it at all - we will receive information related to the project and much faster than in any other way!

Electric cars and example

1. With Dujunov's unique technology, both the car's engine and battery (due to their uniqueness) receive a lower cost worldwide. 2. If the world soon becomes more open to electric cars and the market grows by itself, the cost of different electric cars will be further reduced. This makes it even more affordable to buy Dujunov's unique and cheaper (at the same time more efficient, more powerful, more sustainable) technology. So. It is not necessary to think only of the present moment, when ordinary (and not Dujunov technology) -based electric cars, which already exist in the world and cost a lot of money in our wallet from the purchase price. Dujunov technology. * It can be used in different weather conditions: cold (frost), hot (desert). * Strong and much longer […]

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Introduction of a joint cooperation project between SovElMash and SolarGroup

SovElMash and SolarGroup investor documents - Can be ordered by mail at home

SovElMash LLC - An innovation center to capitalize on the Dujunov project


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