Clean up your desktop and laptop computer from adware, malware, spyware

I will clean up your computer from adware, malware & spyware.

After clean up – your computer will be clean from all not wanted malware & be faster.

All i do through easy and secure remote control. You just watch this process on your computer screen i do in realtime. No need you do/help me on this process – you have free hands to drink a coffee or do something else while i make a cleaning and fastering your device.

Contact with me first and after we both get agreement then pay your order. I do my work and do this through secure connection – no one get on our secured connection line. No matter what computer you have it will be cleaned and fastered!

Yes – you get all benefits: cleaning and fastered computer in just 10 bucks order and up to 1 hour work time. Time is depending of your computer by itself. Price will remain also if your computer needs more time work as it is up to 1 hour!

I will end all times my work and do this correctly!

Do i my work correctly?

Yes. You can be for sure, that i do my work correctly and you get what you ordered. Will i surf or do bad for your computer – no. I will not surf on your computer. And i will not do no harm to your computer. All i use is correcting through securly remoted connection your computer and that`s it!

How to order this offer?

Ordering will be through official website Fiverr to get this service (and in link):

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